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We make fabulous & delicious food that is gloriously gluten free!

  • Perk!er Flakes Delicious & Nutritious Cereals

  • Nutritious & delicious porridges in oat or oat-free recipes

  • Just add hot water to our Fruity Berry porridge pot .. yum!

  • Bitesize Tiffin with Honeycomb

  • Bitesize Rocky Road. Perfect for sharing.. if you’re feeling generous!

  • NEW! Deliciously syrupy porridge pot.. just add hot water & enjoy!

Nutritious Breakfast Treats - Gloriously Gluten Free
Indulgent Treats - Glriously Gluten Free
Delicious Bread - Gloriously Gluten Free

Hello there food lovers!

We are a small, young British company following our passion to create delicious gluten free and wheat free food in our Yummery.

Our range includes nutritious & delicious breakfast cereals, porridges, porridges in pots, and new indulgent treats. For news, laughs & lots of competitions, sign up to our newsletter and join us on facebook & twitter!

Perk!er News: 16.06.14

PERK!ER Gluten Free Food Shows!

Gluten free food shows across the UK in 2014.. we’d love to see you there!

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Perk!er Recipes


Crunchy biscotti, deliciously flavoured with lemon, pistachio’s and cranberries. Perks you up when dunked in coffee!

Can also be easily adapted to create new flavour variations like Orange, Chocolate & Hazelnut Biscotti

Stores well for a couple of weeks.. as long as the snafflers aren’t around!

Free from: Gluten, Wheat & Dairy

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